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Teh & Teas - Wellness Teas - I'm Slimming Tea.


Improves fat-burning, digestion & boost metabolism.



1 tea bag per 600-700ml bottle/cup per day, steep for 5 - 10mins, add hot water throughout the day till tasteless.

Maximum 2 weeks, alternate with 2 weeks of Slimming Lite



Poria, Rose Buds, Green Tea, Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn, Cassia Seeds.


Package weight: 105g (15g x 7 teabags)


Locally blended and packed by hand in Singapore.

Standard Zipper Bag = 7 teabags
8X10cm Container = 7 teabags
Mini Zipper Bag 10x15cm = 3 teabags
Mini Gift Container 6.5X8cm = 3 teabags

Teh & Teas - Wellness Teas - I'm Slimming Tea

SKU: TTW-003
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