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Inspired during the health-conscious Circuit Breaker months when everyone was under lockdown due to the Covid-19 situation.

Teh & Teas is a tea brand, consisting of Blended teas and Wellness Teas with a mix of western herbalism and TCM herbal lore, all proudly produced and packed in tea bags and loose leaves, locally by the studio in Singapore


We also provide customised, personalised teas as gifts & favours in kraft zipper bags, food bags and containers for parties, events etc.

What are Wellness Teas?

They are teas with possible benefits that come with a dash of Herbalism & TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, floral and fruits. Slimming? Brain boosters? Over-ate, indigestion? We have teas for them!

Our Tea Blends:

We have so much fun working on the tea blend recipes, blending, tasting them. The blends you see are the ones we blended, tasted, adjusted to our satisfaction. 
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