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About Us - Our  Little Story ...

Barangshop - D'Crafts Studio is a cosy crafting maker studio workshop run by Phoebe Na, her 2 children and her family for the past 20+ years. Barangshop - D'Crafts Studio specialises in handcrafted shoes, fabric & leather goods, bags, jewellery and DIY motorised toys, tools and crafting supplies.


Equipped with various certificates and Diploma in fashion studies, jewellery design and footwear design, Phoebe and her team have conducted various crafting and sewing workshops at her previous home studio and her present studio workshop at King George’s Ave, teaching a variety of crafts like shoemaking, leather crafting, bag sewing, teddy bear & soft toy making, jewellery making etc.


She has also conducted workshops for family service centres, home/hen parties, birthday parties as well as corporate team-bonding events etc. Phoebe is also a part-time ACTA-certified trainer with (Textile & Fashion Train Centre) since 2014, teaching shoemaking and leather craft modules & workshops.


You can find Barangshop - D'Crafts Studio regularly at pop-ups at various artisan markets like MAAD.

Inhouse Brands :


Eggyimp is a brand owned by Barangshop. It specialises in hand-crafted leather and fabric goods made with good quality materials.


Litenfaerie ("Little Fairy") is another brand under Barangshop. It represents simple and easy to wear handmade accessories and jewellery. Treise Loi is the brand's main in house artisan. Together with her mum, Phoebe, she started painting, making jewellery and accessories, and participated in pop-ups at artisan markets since she was 6 years old.


Barangshop is a catch-all label for all tools & supplies as well as any handcrafted goods created not under Eggyimp and Litenfaerie.

Follow our latest news & products at our FB page at

Occasionally, you may find us at some flea markets and bazaars - date and location will be announced on our Facebook page.


Our Studio Address : 
52, Horne Road, #02-01, Singapore 209071 

Opening Hours : By Appointment Only


Phone: (65) 81239583
















We accept Paylah, Paynow & Grabpay too! 

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